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MD, FEBO (Fellow of European Board of Ophthalmology)
Department of Ophthalmology at the Medical Faculty of Masaryk University Brno, CZ, Special Hospital Sveti Vid, Belgrade, Serbia.

A member of Sveti Vid team. She is among the world’s leading ophthalmologists together with Prof. Pavel Rozsival and Prof. Rudolf Autrata.

A great scholar and a great teacher, she has been sharing her enormous knowledge with medical students and young ophthalmologists over many years now.

As an erudite ophthalmologist, a very experienced surgeon and University teacher she is responsible for the education of both medical and post graduate students, teaching and examining for more than 20 years. She has educated a number of ophthalmic experts around the world.

Her scientific work has been presented in prestigious scientific meetings. A prominent researcher in many projects of the Government and Ministry of Health in the Czech Republic.
She has published a number of papers and participated in the writing of several textbooks for medical students as well as ophthalmology specialists.

Her main areas of concern in ophthalmology are anterior segment microsurgery, mainly cataract and glaucoma surgery and Femtolaser cataract microsurgery, reconstructive post-traumatic and plastic eye surgery. She has been performing phacoemulsification for over 25 years.

She is especially concerned with the diagnosis and surgical treatment of the most difficult glaucoma and cataract cases, successfully performing the latest techniques and technologies. She has been involved for many years now in the scientific research and development of new ophthalmic implants, especially in glaucoma cases (Ahmed implant, Ex- press, etc.).

With glaucoma problems, she uses complete comprehensive diagnostics, mainly relying upon her enormous clinical experience. In the treatment of glaucoma, various types of modern microsurgical techniques are used. Modified techniques, applied differently to suit every single case, give wonderful results. She is recognized in the world of ophthalmology as a person of great knowledge and skills to successfully perform very risky surgeries and save the rest of the vision in almost lost cases. She goes to the subtlest details in every single case she has in front of her.

She is the President of the Czech Ophthalmological Society, Vice President of the Society for Ambulatory Ophthalmology, Czech representative at the EBO (European Board of Ophthalmology), member of ASCRS, ESCRS, EGS, WGS and AAO.

Pitrova Sarka